Time Warp

I think I kinda saw it coming.  My desire to create a blog was a clear indication today is not going well.  Well not bad just distracting.  I work from home and for clients onsite and today is my home office day.  I have so much to get done.  Even reorganized my desk 2 days ago in order of importance…. days after I told my daughter to take the damn week off because I needed space from her and she just isn’t living up to my expectations (lies my brain tells and hurts her all the same or I think she’s kinda used to it)…but there the pile sits and I know I need to start… but nearly 4 hours later I have “had” to do the dishes, half ass foot wipe the floor with a towel, spray down the counters but only actually wiped a portion of the cleaner off.

Oh then there was the decision of what I am wearing.  When I have clothing confusion days it is my worst enemy.  I simply can’t find a stupid outfit to wear.  Dang what I finally chose is just not right.  Need to go change again.

The bed is a mess, why can’t I just go make it.  I look at it and know it would take 2 seconds and did I brush my hair?  Yes I brushed my hair but it looks like a 2 year old did it with a stupid head band that keeps falling forward… I should just use a clip…. no curl it… that would take too long and too much energy.  I really need to dye it.  But I just took a shower.  The color won’t hold.

I really need to pick up the living room.  There are things strewn about.  It would take me 2 minutes to just pick it up.  But first I need to change.  No first I need to go through this pile on my desk.

I am waisting time even now as I write and for some reason it is making me feel accomplished even if it’s for no reason.





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