I was given a challenge to only speak about positive things.  If I have a bad day and one good thing happens, make that my focus of conversation. It can be very challenging to not speak of negative things when things feel negative and my means of self comfort is to talk about it.  But I also know that recycling negativity doesn’t make the negative positive, it just adds more foundation to the negative.

So my challenge to myself this week is to only speak of things which I navigated positively or which made me feel good. If I can make it the rest of the week I will have accomplished more than I have in a while.

So to get this party started I will talk about a couple of things that I felt were pretty awesome yesterday or just general happy thoughts.


I was able to catch myself shortly after starting in on my daughter.  I was able to take a breath, re-assess the situation and realized I was not being justified in my agitation.  I even apologized all within 15 minutes.

I had a client yesterday request emergency assistance for today which is already booked.  I initially panicked but remembered that everything will work together for good and I just let it be and will deal with today as it comes rather than at that moment throw things and scream when I got to my car.  (pretty awesome!)

I took all my scheduled medication yesterday.

My 23 month old grandson gives the best hugs.

My dog who is my constant companion and touchstone is always there when I need to pet and hug on her for reassurance or a nice distraction when we play a little catch.  (she would play all day if I let her)

My husband does the cooking and he’s amazing at it.

The $800 debt I acquired this year is 1/2 paid off.  And I have implemented a law in the past couple months that I have to let my husband know when I feel the urge to buy anything online just to ensure I don’t make irrational purchases.  It has worked “mostly”.

Pretty good thoughts I believe….well at least they feel not negative….. here’s to day 1 ♥







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