I read the blog by decodingbipolar titled Obsessions & Fixations.  At first it made me so sad.  I really love that part of myself. I thought my random fixations were unique to me and separate from my illness.  I very much enjoy the times when I have inside the scoop on things people don’t expect. I get all excited to share my tidbits. The article made me realize it is just another facet of my bipolarness rather than my individual self.

I began to feel such sadness at wondering what part of anything I think or do is just me?

But this is a positive week and I have to find positive in everything, so when I mulled it around in my brain I began to see the beauty in it.

I will never know what is bipolar versus what is me, but the fact that a blog was written on this topic means there are other obsessives just like me.  In fact all that I am…. all that I go through, other bipolar’s have or are feeling the exact same way.  We are special in our sameness even though we have different symptoms, different cycles, different experiences.  We are at our brains core carrying much of the same quirks.  It can feel pretty lonely when you are always the one with issues.

So I am going to for this moment bask in the revelation that somewhere right now another person with bipolar is thinking the same thing….wondering where their bipolar ends and they begin too. And I am going to think of that every time I feel angry at the hand which was dealt me.  At that moment somewhere someone else is feeling the exact same way.  And I will say a prayer for them and hopefully focus a little less on me.

Pretty cool.  Thank you decodingbipolar for giving me wonderful unity in my heart.



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