It’s Wednesday right?  Yeay I have only 2 more days to find the positive… I think I can … I think I can …. I think I can.

Yesterday was how shall I say it… a big hot stinky mess…. But I digress…

My positive take away from it was:

I got last minute request to pick up my daughter at 9 am because they neglect to pick up their car from my house Monday night and they didn’t think to drop her off on the way to his work yesterday morning (because it would make too much sense, since her fiance was sharing a ride with my husband to work.  Actually had to come to our house)… So this threw further monkey wrench into my day.  Happy Thought: This enabled me to get some more quality time with her and my grandcutie on the ride to my house.

Because I didn’t get a data file I had to log without it and will get to re-log my work when file does arrive.  Happy Thought: It ensures I sharpen my typing skills

I got to take a nice drive to the next town over for a pick up and items weren’t ready.  Happy Thought: It was a nice to take a break from my obligated work.

My gas cap coming up missing because someone borrowed my car and didn’t put it back on. Happy Thought: It was so sweet of them to fill up with gas before returning my car.

I only sobbed and threw a tantrum once

Oh and I didn’t kill anyone.

I couldn’t find any positive about the rest of my day it was just too much!!!  So the noted list above is all I got.  See I got this positive thing down LOL.♥




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