I have a confession.  I am a blanket lover.  Oh the joy of wonderful plush throws that can be snuggled into like a warm inviting friend. Add some fuzzy socks and I am in heaven.  I must have at least one from my “blanket stash” in my living room at all times.

Now I don’t just use them for when I’m sitting… oh no.  I will wear them all around the house.  Summer, Winter, makes no difference. Exception… Camping I just use my sleeping bag instead. Come night time I need my blanket.  I have been known to even ask for a blanket to borrow if we are staying past dark while visiting.  If they weren’t so bulky I would stuff one in my purse for emergencies….those flimsy thin throws don’t cut it or those would be a great take along.

I have dreamed of also getting furniture made out of fuzzy sock material because I love how soft & cozy they feel too.  Of course my family just rolls their eyes and lets me dream…Hmmm maybe a fuzzy sock rug?? How bout wall texture…. too far?

Anyway, the issue with walking around with a blanket is I end up wrapping it around my chest and tripping over it and I only have 1 free hand.  If I put over my shoulders it slides off when my hands are busy.  But the other day I had an amazing idea.  What if I put a paper clamp on it like a cape and presto I am now a hands free mobile toasty cozy chick.

Then to top I realized that I have now made a cape and capes have clasps, I bet I could use a cape clasp to keep it closed instead.  Sure enough there are amazing beautiful clasps some for less than $5.  So because I like to complete an outfit I am going to buy me a wine colored Sherpa blanket, cape clasp and I will be the blanket queen!!! I will proudly strut with my cozy cloak and fuzzy socks and my hands will be free to pat a peasants head or wave to my subjects 😉

MMMMM blankets & fuzzy socks….


One thought on “A Comfort Indeed

  1. I have such a thing for texture ! I have a chest full of blankets in my living room and I love it when they are freshly washed and dried and smell of fabric softener ! Super comfy !

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