I have a problem that I can’t seem to resolve. My mind is distracted ALOT! I am talking at least 90% of the time.

I can not seem to find a way to read (without having to re-read many times) or write or hear without my thoughts floating off somewhere else.  I don’t even realized I’ve done it till I am looking at a page of unfamiliar text or someone is looking at me like they just asked a question and frustratingly I will have to go back to where I last remember in the book or ask the person to please repeat the question.

I review my blogs before I post, but at re-review I will see where I sometimes completely missed words or grammar is off.  How did I miss that the first time???? Nothing big, probably not obvious, but I know and it bugs me. Another issue in conversation is that I will start talking wherever my brain is at that moment.  This can be quite confusing to others who have no idea what I am referring to.

There are so many ideas suggested to me (can’t recall any of them) but none have worked. I don’t know just yet what the answer to this riddle is, but I hope someday to find it.

For email correspondence I do a little better, because they are generally in smaller bites and I can read it 5 times before I reply.  Doesn’t mean I get my responses right 100% of the time but by far the best method of communication.

Maybe subconsciously this is why I became a bookkeeper 20 years ago which evolved into a bookkeeping service.  Numbers are simply numbers. Nothing to absorb (spreadsheets and calculators handle that part) my mind can wander and I can still do my job.  Even contracts which are pre-written templates are perfect because outside of name and address … only numbers. Also physical human contact is minimal which I have always preferred for a working environment.



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