Had to share something funny that just happened.  once in a while I get to enjoy being the focused one in the partnership….

My husband called to ask why I sent an emergency text.  (The 911 text that adds a map location and 2 pics right after text) so it goes:

Husband: Why did you send an emergency text?

Me: I didn’t

Husband: Yes you did around 6:00

Me: I have no idea… my phone has been charging for the past hour (it was about 6:15)

Husband: Well somehow you did

Me: I don’t even know how to send an emergency text

Husband: Oh well you probably just butt dialed

Me: Who knows maybe I somehow did

We then hang up and I check the text. The emergency text was from HIM to ME. I click on the map and see that sure enough it’s where he was coming from….. I then proceeded to savor the moment and then texted him the following:

The help request is from you not me.  It’s when you were near ……

at 6:06


I accept your apology lol 




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