I must quit smoking.  I really must.  My husband has severely high blood pressure. The doctor told him he has to quit smoking and drop some weight.   He was taking blood pressure meds but won’t see doctor for refill because he doesn’t want to go back until he has quit smoking.  Coupled with his weight which he won’t exercise or eat healthy until he quits smoking.  I don’t know why he pins so much of his unhealthy habits to smoking alone, but who am I to judge.  All I know right now is that he is going to die and I am going to lose my best friend if I can’t convince him to go back to the doctor and get blood pressure refill. OK I am aware that smoking also isn’t gonna help him live longer either.

The delima is that he desperately needs me to quit too so he has strength.  This is such a fair request.  He supports me every day, no matter what time of day, he stops everything if I need him.  Through all I have put him through he has been a champion for me.  And I need to quit smoking for him.

Our first day was yesterday and I sabotaged him last night. An hour ago he went to the store and I snuck one.

I am selfish by nature and I DON’T want to quit.

So I pray today, let me find strength to be the friend and support he needs. Let me put down this bad addiction so I can help him save his life.

6 thoughts on “Quitting Smoking

  1. Wow, that sounds really tough :/ You can do this though. You have battled addiction at least once and won.

    1. So True. Smoking is slightly harder because it has been a constant since I was 12. I don’t remember not smoking. Even when I quit before I always saw it as a pause. This time like alcohol and drugs I must put it in my past.

  2. Really let your words resonate and that’s it. I keep thinking of smoking as an extention of me. But addiction is addiction. It’s 1 second at a time until it’s 1 minute than 1 hour and just keep breathing and choose not to give in. Thanks for your inspiring words. I can do this!!!!😊

  3. You can do this, everyone can but it take understanding and time to push through to the other side. Come and take a look at my blog, it may give you some inspiration. You will also find links to some support forums on there. They could be good for you. You don’t have to go through this alone.
    Good luck in your with it 🙂

    1. Thank you I will be reviewing your blog for support 😊 I’m doing pretty good it’s been over a month since that post and I’ve been pretty successful with the help of nicotine lozenges. But moral support is welcomed

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