I was going to wait longer to blog again, but I am having a good day/moment/whatever and I want to note a few things I have found successful while detoxing physically/mentally from smoking thus far.


Most smokers have quit more than once and knowing your triggers and what to expect physically is a great resource to draw from when you are ready to quit once and for all.  Realize these things will happen again and prepare for them.  Have mints, gum, suckers, any thing you know will soothe the beast.  You may need to do something with your hands.  Try a rubber band on your wrist so you can fiddle with it.. Also plan  to quit over a weekend or on your days off so you have a few days without the added stress of work.


Drink as much water and take showers/baths as often as possible.  Water is so good for flushing the system even if its through your skin.


If something is frustrating at that moment focus on an object, anything away from the thing that is frustrating you and give all thoughts to the misc item.  What color is it, what shape, what purpose does it serve, are there any other places you can think of this item would be useful, etc.

Basically think silly stupid thoughts.  Try to avoid anything that is of serious consequence. Any sincere agitation ramps up quickly and is 1 step away from picking up a cigarette.

Play music that keeps you in a happy place as much as possible.  If you can walk around with headphones (or at least 1 earphone) do it!  Success motivational speeches have been and will continue to be my go to along with various music depending on my mood.

Apps for quitting smoking.  Hypnosis, 1000 ways to kill (a sack guy you can kill with various weapons), Quit Buddy, Breaking Glass… there are so many why not utilize ones that work for you?

Anything difficult that can be put off please do that.  The same for anything you find out that is on the horizon.  If it isn’t happening or necessary right this minute DO NOT focus on it in any way.

Comedy is a good thing. Watch funny you tube videos, stand up, movies, etc,



It is very normal to be thinking about a cigarette every minute for some time.  And yet still there are times you will be getting in your car or finishing a meal, or whatever you most associate with smoking.  This is quite difficult because for a split second you forget that you quit and when you quickly remember you don’t smoke, you become very frustrated you can’t have one.

Or you will have a weird feeling you forgot something.  It’s the same feeling you get when you think you left your oven on.  This is normal.  It will (I pray) go away in time.  I’m only 6 days in but if memory serves I believe it does.

Know you are going to have these moments and expect them so they are easier to deflect.


The biggest advise I have for anyone else and myself is to be oh so very kind and tolerant when things aren’t feeling manageable or you slip.  Just keep putting one foot in front of the other, breathe A LOT! and pat yourself on the back for every moment you are successful.  Also don’t beat yourself up when your not.  It’s a process and there is no absolute solution.  Just one second, one hour and one day at a time.




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