A lot is overwhelming me today.  But I choose to focus on the positive.

I re-read every blog I post at least 10 times.  It is a compulsion and because of that I can’t write anything negative that will influence my resolve to quit smoking or allow anything negative to feed my mind or emotions. So here goes…

1)I know I can overcome any negative feelings about the day I am facing.  Nothing is impossible or difficult.

2)I am a strong and capable person who deserves to live without any developed crutch to get through today.

3)Although  breathing has become difficult and my cough is severe,  the inhaler is helping and I will imagine my lungs healing before I re-visit the doctor next month.

4)I am strong and capable for whatever lies ahead of me.  No matter what is said or what occurs, everything is only as hard or negative as I make it.

5)I will smile when anyone makes eye contact.

6)Everything that feels difficult is temporary.  Let it flow through me, giving it no place to land and grow.


Here’s to day 7



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