The inevitable happened.  It is the time that comes for anyone trying to overcome an addiction,  persevere in any situation, whenever you are striving to accomplish anything truly difficult, life will inevitably throw curve balls at you.  Some which can make you give up, walk away, and go back to the easy.

Yesterday was that day on so many levels.  My mind wants to latch onto so much and I can feel the panic creeping in.  Gotta just let the thoughts ebb and flow.  I can not allow my mind to be in control here.

So …..

I watched this video this morning that came to me at such a perfect time and it inspired me to know this is what will make me stronger and more capable for my life ahead.

A few wonderful quotes 

“In life you don’t receive what you want.  You receive exactly what you need to make you stronger”.

“When you go through adversity, you will find out what you are made of”.

“In life, we weren’t designed for complacency.  We are meant to continually struggle and go through resistance as a mechanism, to keep us alive and present”.

“Our legacy is the manor which we live our life”.

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