Sean Stephenson was born with osteogenesis imperfecta, Stephenson stands three feet tall. Having fragile bones he must use a wheelchair. His no nonsense approach has been a welcomed push when I’m really struggling.


Amazing quotes from the inspiring Sean Stephenson

“Fairness is an illusion.  Fairness never existed and never will.  No one in life gets less or more than anyone else.  We just get different stuff.  That’s right.  No one is dealt a bad or a good hand in life; we’re just dealt cards.  It’s up to us to stay in the game and play.  Sure, some cards look “better,” but they’re really not.  If you look closely, you’ll see that anything you feel has been taken from you – or never given to you at all – was replaced with other amazing opportunities and gifts.  It’s up to you to find them.”

“In my years of traveling the world, I’ve heard hundreds of tear-filled stories.  I’ve hugged complete strangers as they’ve sobbed in my arms.  I always whisper the same thing to them: ‘Look for the gift in your pain.’  If you look for that gift, believe me, you will find it.  If you don’t look, it’s all too easy to become enslaved by your misery.”

“Never count yourself out, even if the experts tell you that you don’t stand a prayer.”

“I guess you could say I’m am optimistic realist. As crass as it may sound, sometimes life does suck! Our challenge is to pull through and trust that we can alter the future with each choice we make e in the present. “

“Practice talking to yourself the way you would talk to a best friend, a mentor, or someone you really look up to. Trust me, life will place plenty of obstacles in your path. You can’t afford to be one of them yourself.”

“The next time you find yourself stressing out, look for what’s funny in the situation instead of what’s “not fair.” You’re holding a very powerful flashlight: your conscious awareness. Be very careful where you shine it, because that is what you will choose to focus on.”

“It’s silly to worry about what others might be saying and thinking about you. Whatever they’re saying, it’s not really about you – it’s about them. In fact, what people say or think about you is a direct reflection of what they may be feeling about themselves. Don’t even think about it. If you want something to concentrate on, concentrate on threating yourself with more respect.”

“Choose the words you say to yourself wisely; they are creating your reality.”

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