Memory Getting Worse


I have to honestly say that the unyielding positive mind flooding is helping so much more than I anticipated. That being said, the biggest challenge of late is that my memory seems to be even more affected (didn’t think it could get worse than it was).  I am losing track of things at an alarming rate for the past few weeks.  The losing track isn’t unusual just the consistency of it lately. This in turn is affecting everyone and everything else.

I utilize verbalizing my actions when I know I am putting something away.  I also have lists and calendars for everything.  I spend more time logging  and verbalizing than I do in the actual action. But I don’t know what to do about something I am not aware I’m doing in the first place. How do I practice being in the moment when I don’t know I am. It would at least be helpful to put them in logical places to be more helpful for discovery.   It just feels like I am losing quite a few chunks of time where I am doing things I don’t recall.  Like I am completely checking out.

Self Prognosis: I think I am just making my brain work especially hard and it is adjusting in it’s own way.


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