I followed through on creating my touch/hearing sensory kit and utilized it for the past weeks to see if it really was a good fit.  It is amazing!!!

I have deviated a little from my original list but I am just as happy with the  results.  I used the bag I bought when I visited my son in Alaska with 2 zipper pouches.  It is exactly the right size for what I need.

In it I have:

  1. Stress Ball. Absolutely my favorite.  His face is awesome to squish when I’m stressed and the gelatin feel is perfect.  I opted not to go with the fuzzy hair ball when I saw this guy. His face is great just to squish when I just need a smile too.
  2. Fuzzy Sock.
  3. Worry Stone.  This I didn’t really enjoy as much until I put it in the sock.  Now I just keep it in there at all times and it works really well.
  4. Back Up Earphones. For when my Bluetooth dies
  5. Suckers.  Smoking oral fixation soothe (not sensory help but a help all the same)

The final result (It’s not pretty but it’s only for me so who cares):

2016-06-15 11.33.32


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