Happy Thursday Night

Still feeling pretty crappy.  Side note: my voice actually gets quiet and deeper when I am in this state. Odd. Anyway I was listening to Pandora and “what a wonderful world” came on.  And I just imagined Louis Armstrong was telling the truth and I allowed myself to just experience what he was saying.  Hard to explain. I hope that makes sense.  And each line was a new good experience and it brought about an internal soothing. An emotional massage if you will.

And another side note: both my husband and myself think it would be a fantastic idea to try something a bit unorthodox. It was my idea, but he immediately loved it. I have officially renamed bipolar and have decided to go with Charlie.  I was thinking George but my husband really liked Charlie.  I mean how much better will it be to say things like “Charlie was down today” or Charlie was acting up today” “I hate the way charlie makes me feel” I think Charlie is a fitting name, and I believe Charlie Chapplin had BiPolar as well, so fitting all the more. No disrespect to the illness, just doing it for me.

Anyway, just wanted to leave this day on a positive note.

4 thoughts on “Happy Thursday Night

  1. Ok ill let you know which name I choose. Once a therapist asked me to give my moods a colour. I chose purple for depression… rich, deep, thick. Overwhelming.

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