There are 2 quotes I have on my bathroom mirror I repeat to myself every day and every time I feel like I the changes I want RIGHT NOW aren’t happening or I find myself losing ground:

“No matter how bad it is, no matter how bad it gets….I’m going to make it”.


“There is greatness in me. I will reach my full potential. I will not get in my own way”.


I picked those quotes because I need to remind myself to keep working toward my healthy vision of myself no matter how frustrating or exhausting the pursuit is. And I wondered…. How do I know that I will succeed at my goal even with all the positive messages in the world? After scouring the internet, I found the perfect answer to this specific point……

“Because when you believe that it’s possible, you put in the effort and take the steps to get there. Simple as that. Mindset leads to consistent action, which leads to you doing whatever you need to do to get there”.


That is pretty awesome!  I know these words have passed through my ears in speeches I have listened to and in quotes I have read but it never really stood out so poignantly as it does today.



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