I can’t let the post this morning be the last words I blog today.  I promised myself I would strive to become the best me possible and feeling sorry for myself is definitely not heading in that direction.  I feel depressed yes, its the way things just are right now. But I can also still find some positive even if I don’t feel like it. That’s the direction I need to be going.  Especially right now.

I was listening to positive motivation between appointments and back home and I am so glad I did.  A great word from Joel Osteen came on and it impacted me, so I stopped everything, wrote it down and I would like to offer a small snipped that most resonated with me today and was such a light to my darkened and hostile mind.

From the mind of Joel Osteen

“Words are like seeds.  When you speak something out, you give life to what you are saying.  If you continue to say it, that can become a reality.  You are planting seeds when you talk and someday you are going to eat that fruit.  The challenge is to be sure and plant the right kind of seeds.

In other words, you  can’t talk negative and live a positive life.  You can’t talk defeat and expect victory.

It is great to say I am blessed, I am strong, I will accomplish my dream, I am coming out of debt.  That’s not just being positive, you are prophesying victory, prophesying success, prophesying new levels.

Your life will move in the direction of your words”.

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