A seed to plant!!! I was going to write about this Monday but couldn’t wait….

I mentioned recently that I was still struggling with my kids moving out and finally after a few years I have closure. If they were still children at home I would never see the results of the time and love I gave.

Yesterday my daughter said the most sincerely humbling thing.  She said about her 1 month old daughter (my sweet grandcutie) that she was going to raise her girl the same way I raised her so she and her daughter can be as close as we are. To have your child consciously choose to emulate your parenting style is the largest compliment any parent can receive.  I have made and continue to make so many mistakes it absolutely surprised me, but see there it is.  Even though there were HUGE missteps, I still managed to bring a deep love and bond to our relationship which she wants her daughter to experience too.

That is so moving!  I am so honored to have raised such a lovely soul who happens to think I am too.


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