As I am adding to my growth measures I think it a good idea to keep a weekly update so I can track my progress.  Today is week 1 progress  report…

Goal 1. Positive Overload – I continue to listen to positive motivation daily.  I do notice a more positive shift to the direction I am heading.

Goal 2. Mindful Breathing – What an easy yet effective tool for anxiety and anger.  When I catch myself negative looping or feeling agitation arise I immediately focus on the breath.  In with the in breath, out with the out breath. Just letting the breath happen and following it. I find that I can only do it for approx 5 breaths max before my mind wanders but I figure it will take much practice to have longer success .  I will keep “working” at it until it is an auto reaction.

Goal 3. Morning Walks – I have stuck with the walks so far.  And I have not tried to push myself toward the 2 mile run.  I am enjoying that time at a leisurely pace and it is wonderful. Weekends get a bit harder with people having other agendas for the day, so I am going to just commit to Mon-Fri.  My dog is so happy for this time. And 6 am sky is so lovely in the summer.


This week I am adding 30 minute positive self affirmations to my list.  Instead of listening to upbeat music or motivating messages during my morning walks I have started as of today doing affirmations.  It feels a bit odd to listen and recite to myself “I love myself” or “I am beautiful inside and out”. But since I have plenty of negative self thoughts to supply an army I figure some good self talk will be a great way to begin overriding negative nonsense. I don’t deserve self hate nor does it inspire me. I am a loving, unique and worthy person that deserves to believe it.

PS my necklace came.  I forgot to mention it glows in the dark.  My grandson LOVED it!!! it was so much fun cupping it in my hand and having him peak in to see the glowing pendant.  He was enjoying it so much that he began motioning for me to put it on him.  I think I see a glowing superhero necklace in the future for him.  Just precious.

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