Feeling much more blessed today.  The outcome of my business is still unknown, but I know that God has led me to create a more positive point of view for myself for such things as these rather than  allowing them to pull me down as it did yesterday.  I was designed to live a life more abundantly and to realize that circumstances have no place in determining my attitude or my self worth.  I need to be a person of love and faith.  I was called to this life to bring comfort and compassion to others that cross my path.  I have so many stories of people who have touched my life by allowing me to be love, a support or shoulder often not knowing that I helped until later. So what I know to be true is that my whole life I have been drawn to those who need love and compassion the most.

I know 100% that I need to develop self worth and learn full joy to be most effective for whatever is planned for me.  Sure the reason I chose to start this transition wasn’t for that but in the end I am learning sometimes why we start something is really a means to get us on the road for another reason. I need to not be afraid of where life is heading and embrace what comes next.

And finally, I am not to be swayed by other people’s negativity (compassionate yes but reflected on myself no). I am also not to allow my circumstances to cause fear or determine my self worth.  I fell down hard in the past SO WHAT.  To live in fear that every bad thing will drive me to that place is almost certainly going to. So I repent of my doubt and although I will have I’m sure days in the future of momentary doubt because I am human, I will do my best to just bring positive to myself and anyone else who takes the time out of their busy day to read my posts.

God Bless.


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