My client hired a full time business manager.  Without their income my business just can’t survive. The supervisor was sad to have to part ways.  We are all quite fond of each other like a family.  I did cry for a moment, got into sweats, started to repeat how worthless I am and then… then I decided that I have been given some great lessons these past few weeks for a purpose and for some reason God has been really calling to me for a little while now. (I get embarrassed to say that because I’m already mental so who would believe me outside of family)

But truth is, when I start to become more aware of god, I know he wants me to prepare for something.  Last time he drew me near was a month before my dad died.  I am so grateful he did.  My dad and I healed a lot between us that last month.  I had no idea I only had that chance.

My husband and I may have failed at businesses (believe it or not they were no fault of our own events), made monumentally bad decisions, and have been more naive than I care to admit, but when we are placed in hell we always somehow manage to walk out (clearly not unscathed).

So if god is closing a door a really amazing window is about to open somewhere.  My future is going to be more perfect for where I am going.  I will just have to wait and see.

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