Trial & Error

Sleep is coming slow, so  I thought I would use this time to share a med story… Otherwise know as the how I met and quickly abandoned Geodon and  Lunesta or was it Ambien… I think Ambien.  Doesn’t matter….

So this was in the try this, nope not it….how bout this phase.  I had been on Geodon  for a few months which was sooooo expensive and it caused my symptoms to get worse. Decided when my prescription ran out I would just not request refill. I quit taking them without consulting my doctor and she hadn’t warned me (my fault for not consulting with pharmacist). Anyhoo, didn’t warn me that the withdrawal affects are for me anyway 7 nights 7 baaaaad looooong nights. My husband finally drove me to see her on the 8th day of zero sleep. She took one look at me and immediately prescribed muscle relaxant (can’t recall what)  and Ambien.  Slept like a baby the moment I took the pills except…

Every time I took them after the first sleep, I would sleep walk…. I would appear drunk to others even played pinball with my body down the hallway on a couple occasions, basically parallel to black out drunk. The final straw was when my husband comes home  one night to find me passed out on the couch, front door wide open, oven cranked to the max with the oven door open, cut up chicken EVERYWHERE and I don’t recall anything.

I made a commitment right then and there to just stick with OTC sleep assist.  Well I do use clonozopam med when a couple hits wont do but other than that nothing. Heck, if Lithium and clonozopam hadn’t found their way to me, I probably would have eventually decided to rough it without prescription meds altogether.

Oh my gosh, I just found my first gratitude… finding a good medication fit!!!

Good Night…maybe ;


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