I have to pause focusing on myself for a moment.

I am simply heartbroken over the tragedies yesterday for the innocent man shot by an officer in his car while his girlfriend and baby were in the car, the innocent man who was killed by police in the parking lot and the officers killed as well as the innocent civilians injured from the sniper in Dallas.  I have never cried for people I don’t know before but I am simply at a loss for these senseless tragedies.

To turn on the news or go online I am bombarded by natural disasters, terrorist, killings, violence and mayhem.  It’s a tragedy for human kind and a devastating era to live in.

I pray for each and every person today who has or will deal with the shock of their tragic loss, for the days they have to spend preparing to lay their loved ones taken too soon to rest, and the hole that will remain from the absence of that person in each of their lives.



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