I had to take a break while I regrouped.

I had to come to terms with the uncertainty of my own livelihood, and what appears to be an uncertainty of our world as a whole.  I became too overwhelmed, even allowing myself to drink one night to the point of 3 days worth of hangover.  (not drinking like that for so long I didn’t foresee my body no longer can sustain that level of toxicity.) Definitely not an answer to my self pity.

But through the struggle I came to realize, now is the time to become strong, grounded and ready for whatever road I must travel. Truly ready.  I am thankful for the steps I have been taking these past months which it turns out was an unforeseen godsend.

So I continue on my path where I left off.  I must have gratitude in times of lack the most and I choose to implement that fully into my life.

Starting with the fact that I woke up this morning.  I am grateful that each morning I can wake to a new day with it’s endless possibilities.  I am reminding myself to greet each day and my husband with a happy good morning and then anticipate a good day as I set my feet on the floor. Doesn’t mean every day is flawless and full of rainbows, but anticipating good does change the lens which I view things.  For this I am truly grateful.



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