I have read that the best way to learn to appreciate what you have is by doing for others.  I want to make a daily effort to bring kindness to others to focus less on my own negativity.  I found a really amazing sight that gives 21 day challenges or even ideas if you only want to commit to one at your leisure.  The sight is http://www.kindspring.org/

I am jumping in with both feet and trying the 21 day challenge since I am an all or nothing kind of girl 🙂

Gratitude for Monday

My gratitude for today is the bible.  I have been really digging in,  approaching it with a prayerful and expectant heart and a change seems to be happening to my overall mindset. Actually transforming me as a person in ways I didn’t see coming. I am noticing that I feel a love and tenderness for people I have never experienced before.   I also have a boldness and growing fearlessness which I haven’t had since I was a young girl.  I have missed that part of me for so very long.

Even my attitude about my future.  I know that my life will go onto the next phase soon enough. And I will just wait expectantly for that path to be made clear.

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