Did my challenge today. It was to surprise someone with flowers.  This morning my daughter came over with a headache and I could tell she was internalizing some things.  Then my husband called to say he just needed to hear my voice.  Translation “I am overwhelmed and needing the familiarity of you to get me through this hump.”

Well I was starting to allow sadness and worry to enter in my mind.  I am doing better but as a human being I don’t think anyone can abstain from all worry.  So I sat down at my desk and thought I am going to get flowers for both of them.  I went to Safeway and bought 2 dozen roses then drove to my daughter’s house and gave her flowers first.  The look on her face was so sweet.  It made my heart so happy to put a little joy in her day.

I have placed my husband’s flowers on the counter to see when he walks in and I think I will make dinner tonight so he doesn’t have to.

I can’t explain how doing such a small kindness for others has lifted my day and my attitude has improved by leaps and bounds.

I am grateful to have become aware how such small gestures can make a difference even in my own day.

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