Today’s challenge: Give Away Something You Treasure. To step-it-up, give those kindness muscles an extra-workout by giving something away that is a hard for you to relinquish. I have been fighting for months over large past due balance from an old client.  He has given me the runaround like crazy… The check has been in the mail so many times I lost count or his business is closing and he is broke.  I have access to his payroll online so I can see he is still in fact paying employees far more combined than he owes me.  Per his advise, he had no issue with my work, I really helped them out. It just feels like he doesn’t want to pay his balance because … he just doesn’t???  I had recently told him I was going to take him to court or put him in collections if he didn’t honor his commitment. I need the money yes but it’s more the principal of it that hurts me the most.

So because I recently was reading in Matthew about forgiving debts as I would have done for me, I feel forgiving his debt is the sincerest form of giving away I can think of.  I texted him and advised of his waived balance and I will just trust that things will work out and that I honored the challenge the best way I could.

PS. I am so glad this blog is anonymous.  I can’t share things such as these with those I know outside of my husband, or the challenge would not be pure.

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