I made it 2 whole days in peace.

So, I almost had a perfect day. Then Subway butted in.  Ok a little dramatic, but Subway is I swear my advisory .  Issues every single time.

I was going to make dinner like I planned.  Had everything ready to prep when we both go “do you really want this for dinner?” and of course a resounding “nope”. Side note. I still can’t believe I got that far in the process  Cooking is very difficult for me.  There are so many steps.  So many things to watch.  The recipe instructions alone freak me out. I can’t read the whole thing before I begin.  I would forget what it said if I did.  I have to read step.. take action… step… take action… repeat…Of that which I changed lately… multitasking issues isn’t one of of them..  I don’t even have a plan for a plan on that issue.

So back to Subway. The land of 1000 ways I can make wrong requests with their counter of options.  I want McDonalds.  #2 with a coke.  Simple.  Stay in the car, pick up the food, and go home.

So I tell my husband to write everything he doesn’t want.  Wrong…. Do you know how confusing it is to say everything exept for 10 things. Apparently he didn’t think that was problematic either lol. Anyway it was confusing for me and confusing for the girl taking my order.  Oh my goodness, then there are no flatbread so no pizza for me, so now I have to figure out what I want (oh joy, another decision) so I just get what he’s having but I don’t really want it and guess what they need to heat up more meatballs which takes 10 more minutes of being in subway and now I’m getting anxious. I pay ahead for my order and as I pour our sodas I spill, then when I walk back to the counter I spill on the floor cause my lid isn’t on right. I just want to go home.  And then I realize I forgot to put the sauces on his sandwich.   I had to make the girl unwrap the sandwich put the sauces on and wrap back up.

Oh my goodness! And the more anxious I got the more polite and sweet I got (such a strange defense mechenism) which makes people want to talk to me thus making me  just flat out panic inside wanting to be anywhere else and so suddenly the other girl is talking to me about how cute my skirt is and I can barely hear her because my thoughts are so loud.

I did finally make it to freedom… thank the lord for small mercies.

And I finally get to the car and give my dog the biggest hug ever.  She doesn’t mind she’s used to it 🙂

I really am feeling better, but (deep breath here) my deep rooted quirks are going to be a lot of work to overcome.

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