Today’s Challenge: Pay-Forward A Kindness Received. To step-it-up, after you pay-it-forward, send your gratitude in verbal, written or silent form to the person whose kindness touched you.

I have a friend who consistently texts encouraging devotionals and asks how she can pray for me.  Through her surgery, and subsequent recovery she always checks in to see how I and others are doing.  It’s such a lovely selfless gesture and I always wish I had more of her sweet spirit in me.

So today I am going to pay it forward, by slipping a card of encouragement in my soon to be ex client’s box (Aug 1st!!!) in the office today when I drop off more files.  She works very hard and over the course of 2 years being the administrator for the school, I can see the toll it has taken on her.  She hears a lot of griping and complaining and generally people only want to see her to fix a problem.  I think words of appreciation are a good idea.

And for my encouraging friend, I am sending her a mug with a message of thanks and love to remind her on a regular basis that her efforts of love and compassion for me are appreciated so very much.

My gratitude today is for those in my life that I don’t thank nearly enough but who tirelessly love me anyway.



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