Happy Monday

Good Morning!!!

So, I am feeling very convicted over my kindness act shares.    I thought being anonymous would be sufficient but I now feel in my spirit that sharing as a whole my exact deeds is not a good idea.  Just know that I am continuing on my 21 day challenge and it does feel wonderful to do something for others.

That being said, I have made a decision to go on unemployment for 2 months max and in that time I will get a door sign for my car and logo shirts to push myself even though I personally suck at it. If in 2 months things don’t turn around I will let go and start handing in applications.

This final turn around happened yesterday while walking my dog.  A song came on that I had never heard and I was blown away with how spot on it was for my situation and our past failures.  It empowered me to not be overtaken with confusion or sadness but just to keep moving forward no matter what….  (I was rockin out the first and second and now 30th time I’ve heard it.)


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