Feeling alot better.  Still feel really drained.  Had to visit my mom while my husband and brother worked on her house today. I love seeing her, but I just wanted to sleep. I am embarrased how rude I must have been.

It is what it is.

Anyhoo…..Today I need to discuss the Mandella Effect.  Can I just say, as a very obsessive person, I have been eaten alive with frustration I can’t figure out why. Why would some group of people do something that altered such random insignificant things.  I was a dog on a bone.

I get lost in cern and videos or online. Researching every avenue.  Like everything in my world that I latch onto… I am hyper focused. To the extent I struggle to focus on anything else.

So I find no good leads UNTIL… until the Married with Children Into.  (Link below) It is diffent than the intro I remember. Well. turns out they lost their rights the orignal song and had to change it for the DVD realease. However they were able to play the original song in syndication. This is why it is the new song on Movie sights and online.

And the song by Queen “We are the Champions”. It appears that he no longer ever sang at the end “Of the World”. (Now they are messing with Freddie). But Freddie is in tact… If you watch the LiveAid video he sings it there at the end of the clip.


I still need to figure out why Tom Cruise isn’t wearing sunglasses in the dance scene in Risky Business. But then again. I think there is  a logic explanation I just haven’t found.  Basically I have got to let this go.

I laugh at myself when I get like this. It reminds me of the first time I was told I had bipolar.  They were going to put me on 72 hour hold, but they opted to let me go with my husband with the promise that I would immediately take the medicine she was sending me home with. And go to the DR appt she set up for me. (surreal day)

Anyhoo…  What really stood out though, was when I was told  that I have a need to have things the way I expect them to be. (Let’s just say I was seeing things a little differently than everyone around me). It helps to now I just need to have closure, need for my world make sense. I feel like Sheldon on The Bang Theory. Some of us are obssed with tidy endings.  I do feel a sense of relief now when I remember that not everything has to make sense. But I aslo get annoyed that it is still an itch I want to scrath.


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