Well since I can’t sleep I felt compelled to show a little gratitude.

For all that I complain of that which I am different, I forget to acknowledge the beauty in the differences as well.  For instance, as long as I am in an enlightened phase I get the privilege of feeling connected to everything.  I have stood in the rain surrounded by birds chirping in the trees in my back yard.  I just watched them as they sang to me from their perches.  It was the sweetest music to hear. I have spontaneously taken my dog for a walk at dawn just to feel the beauty of the sunrise. My favorite was laying face up on a lake while camping… just floating till the search party came.  It was just weightlessness and sky.  Beyond that in times of spirituality, I am able to feel love so intimately in my grandchildren’s laughter or in my dog laying next to me as I write this patiently waiting for wherever I will wonder to next tonight.

I get inspired to take photographs such as the one I used for my featured image and am overcome with emotion in prayer.  I feel excited and at peace.  I woke my friend up this morning so excited to share a video about the teachings of Jesus.  She actually loves how sincerely passionate I get.  Or at least she tolerates it because she loves me.

I guess what I am getting at is that I AM lucky on some levels.  I get to experience some of the most beautiful moments because my mind sees it beautifully.  That is just such a fortunate side of me.

In this moment I am taking a cleansing breath and I am smiling.

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