It’s interesting that when my spirituality cycle comes back,  I desire more knowledge about how to become a better version of myself. I reconnect with God. I become more aware of the emotions of others. I am extremely forgiving and am drawn to help others. I do drive my family crazy because of my hyper focused approach to it.  Because of this, I recite again the mantra that I can’t have things exactly as I want them, which also means that other people don’t generally feel matched with my passion for things. To be fair, they shouldn’t have to. I have to give space to those whose thoughts flow to the next, instead of many crossing each other at the same time. My family can not be on my level.  It’s something I have to embrace and learn to simply live with it. No epiphanies to proclaim would be appreciated for sure… I just grow with it internally…period. That or write a blog about it 😉

I’m not perfect but knowing I’m a work in progress is a weight lifting truth. The best news is, that as I have leaned into my disease I have also seen a pattern emerge. Because I know this is a spiritual phase I just have to be conscience of those symptoms.

A side note…  It is so funny that during this phase I also get very enamored with personality quizzes. How self absorbed is that? LOL. I have taken MANY  since the days of teen beat magazine Q&As. I know I don’t need them… but yet… they are absolutely entertaining.

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