The study went so well!!! My son in law asked if he had to decide to accept Jesus right now. I told him no, some people don’t decide till their dying breath and some don’t decide at all. The thing is if you plan on accepting Jesus’s gift on the cross but not till later, that you could get in accident tomorrow and never have the chance. It is a choice between him and God.  I have no judgement either way.  I’m glad he asked.  It means he is thinking about it at all.

My daughter is excited.  She was gushing about how awesome it is that her kids will eventually be able to participate too.  My husband was quite insightful as we progressed.  It was such a bonding time.

We have agreed to make it a weekly meeting.  I am so glad I listened and so thankful God made it happen.  I probably would have gotten too hyper focused and been a wreck by the time today happened.  But He knew I needed his hand in it to make it go off without stress so He could move.

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