Leaving The Matrix

It really is the Matrix.  I started my awakening seeking Buddha.  Just had this compelling draw to the idea of oneness.  It wasn’t long before God woke me up completely and opened my mind to see the symbolism and manipulation. I won’t touch on anything, because I care only about reality not what led me to it.

I have felt off an on for so long that I am asleep or in a coma.  That the life I am conscious of is not real.  I couldn’t shake it.  It was like a bad taste in my mouth. The movie The Matrix didn’t necessarily give me an aha moment, but over time it began to resonate more and more.

Last night I am watching a Raising Hope rerun and I start to see once again the precursor implanting of our agendas and chaos now.  Generally symbolism comes right around the time they want to instill their programming. I’ve seen it so many times in movies and shows. I won’t watch anything music video related, because they are the most blatant. Again doesn’t matter what specifically, The point is, when I see it, I usually just feel angry about it.  But last night I realized that was it.  The sleep was a programmed life. The growing awareness is waking up from it. I thought of the matrix again and decided to try looking up living in the matrix.  I did find where they have found binary code in string theory.  There’s more science on matrix theories, but it doesn’t matter.  It really isn’t about an actual Matrix.  It’s the illusion I have been under in my daily life. What matters is that I believe my awaking is real. What’s more, there are so many people who are beginning to and have woken up. I was shocked to read from so many who are waking up or who are fully awake.  As it turns out, my subconscious knew all along that I was for all intents and purposes asleep.

My beliefs and opinions often stem from what I have been told to think and feel.  Division happens because we are manipulated. Unity happens because we are manipulated. Chaos ensues because we are manipulated. We turn a blind eye to those who are suffering because we are manipulated. We care about other sufferings because we are manipulated. We work 60 hours a week because we are manipulated. We take the path of least resistance because we are manipulated. We feel like we have to do this or that because we are manipulated. It’s strange realizing how the few can simultaneously manipulate so many. I am not assuming anything about anyone else.  I just know that it matters not any longer what others think.  Matters not what I think I should be doing or thinking. I only need to open to God’s voice leading me.

I now begin the work of giving myself permission to begin releasing my hold on the lifelong programmed thinking and look toward the direction I have been heading with confidence that I am not crazy, but rather simply awakening.  I embrace whatever that means. I do expect I will get caught up in things of this world at times. I hope that eventually my fear and anger will give way to simply compassion and hopefully be of use for the good.  As of this moment, although I expect to keep in the know of our world,  I want to spend more time striving to be the hands and feet of Jesus only and keep my eyes focused on the narrow path which leads away from the programmed matrix.


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