Rapid cycling is the worst! I can’t get time to settle into any one level. It’s actually exhausting quite honestly.  I can go from flat out lethargic to planning my next great idea to rage in 1 day. Sometimes it is so frequent I can find myself being compulsive and full of ideas but not caring about my responsibilities. At these times I hide from the scary world under my blanket with my phone looking up too much information for this brain to hold.

I am so excited how well I did today.  I managed to have around 5 minutes combined mindful minutes. I did find focusing on the following prayer worked better than describing my surroundings. The repetitive reciting drowns out the noise until my brain realizes I am tricking it and takes back control.


I know sleep is going to be an issue so I will take an extra tranquilizer.  I wish I had sleeping pills.  It’s OK, I accept what is, and I won’t fight it.  Why create anxiety to boot. Only furthers the problem.

I reviewed some of my earlier blogs tonight.  I really liked what I was trying to do. I may just get back into positive thinking again. It was a great thing to focus on. Maybe I can stick with it longer this time.  Ahhh see there I go, committing to a lofty goal.  I think I will try it next blog and go from there.

In the meantime, I did read one blog about the song “What a Wonderful World”.  It is such a soothing song.  The words are peaceful and the melody flows smoothly.  Good for bringing balance.

Have a blessed and peaceful weekend my friends.

God Bless


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