New Chapter

I was searching for sites on mindfulness and positive thinking for bipolars and I came across a wonderful suggestion for an app.  It’s called Happify.



I have played for a few days now and I really like it.  Before you even begin, you take a quiz to find out where you are in most need of working on and starts you on a track geared for your need.  It also has you take a test to find your biggest strengths.

For me the track is obviously Cope Better With Stress.

My strengths are: 

#1 Creativity

#2 Kindness

#3 Spirituality

#4 Teamwork

#5 Appreciation of beauty & excellence

I love that it has a variety within the track so you aren’t just playing games like brain game. But also working on assigned tasks.  There are even rewards for completing assignments and games.  February prize is a drawing for $1500 gift card to Hyatt Hotels and $1000 Jet Blue gift card for the grand prize  with 2nd and 3rd prizes as well.  Pretty motivating.


I am going to hold my self accountable by listing a game challenge and will follow up with result when I do it.

Current Task: Savor my next meal. Take a few extra minutes to truly enjoy a snack or meal I would normally rush through. Smell it, taste it. The more intense the experience the longer it will last. Take a mental or real snapshot so you can savor the memory of it later.


Also I am choosing to post a positive picture or video in every post to keep me looking for the beauty and awesomeness of this world.

This one makes me think of perseverance.



I will also include an affirmation because it’s necessary to search through positive thoughts to find just the right good one.  I will have a million negative ones, why not spend 5 extra minutes looking for good ones. Such as…




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