Spending so much time forgetting names AND faces can make 1 feel frustrated and avoid social situations even grocery shopping alone. I have mentioned before that I live in a small town so the fear of running into someone I “know” is scary. 

For instance, I have been going to bible study with a group of women for months now. Of the 12 or so ladies I have finally connected the face and name of 3. I recall names overall better but I can’t remember which person they belong. I’ve tried writing them down, association, etc. But the following week they change seats and I’m lost all over again. I fear standing in line at a store, post office, or eating out because that moment will come which someone comes up to me that appears to know me and I have no reference to who they are. If we are friends and I connect to a person emotionally in a friendly way or if someone is extremely mean directly to me I seem to have a better time. But even my best friend who has 7 kids. I still can only remember 2 names and faces. I’ve asked too many times so I just avoid using names.

The 2nd facial issue that is difficult is distinguishing between anger and a tired or at rest face. I always assume it’s anger. I’ve had many occasions I am reacting to someone thinking they are mad at me. I generally annoy them because I don’t believe them when they swear NO I’M NOT MAD AT YOU!.

I found these great articles that may give more insight as to why on both accounts. 

Bipolar People More Likely to Have Facial Prosopagnosia?



Bipolar, Schizophrenia Share Similar Emotional Perception Difficulties



I would love to be hiking here.



This is awesome. It really IS inspiring.

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