A huge hurdle when dealing with cycles, is that it  can at times  feel so overwhelming that it declines my will to keep adjusting.  I thought yesterday, I know I can’t commit suicide, but if a car accident happened it would have been welcomed.

I just get tire of the times I forget the most basic things like pre-setting the coffee and making an urgent doctor appointment and worse forgetting to send timely documents to on behalf of a client.  Or the frustration of forgetting how to add or recall basic processes I have been doing for 20 years.  Decisions about anything are nearly impossible.

When my husband came home I was in dire need of comfort.  He was tired himself.  He had been working concrete all day and didn’t have much to muster for me.  The road to resolve on this issue was not pretty but I finally realized I just need a hug.  Just a tight long hug.  With that I decided rather than expect him to meet me at these moments, why not make a daily habit of hugs.  Then on the days I really need a big one, I can just take a bit longer.

So I am not always making it about me.  A good hug can be used by both of us. It’s worth a try.


Challenge: Savor Next Meal

Result: Rather than eat a fast food meal between appointments as I do at least once a week, I opted to take my food back to my home office and eat it there.

I set the food on a plate, sprinkled with italian seasoning for elevating it’s status. Poured my soda in a wine glass, lit a candle and played ambiant music.

I chewed slowly rather than rushing through each bite.  I allowed myself to taste each flavor as it crossed my tongue.  I breathed in and out slowly and simply enjoyed the greesy goodness.

Next Challenge: Reach out to a potential friend.  Someone who has suggested we get together at some point.


Visualizing myself walking along this quiet beautiful beach.  Letting my feet illuminate in the waves.


Sea of Stars: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vaadhoo_(Raa_Atoll)






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