Challenge: Reach out to a potential friend

Result: I scheduled a get together at a house of a sweet woman who had indicated she wanted to hang out, but I kept putting off due to hating the small talk, chit chat, newness of getting to know someone.  The first day I felt so sick about it I rescheduled. Yesterday I rescheduled again but she countered with an evening meet at the restaurant next to where her kids were practicing karate.  Gulp… ok. Then she calls to advise another mutual friend of ours wanted us to come over there (who I also kept promising I would get together with). 2 birds 1 stone I say.

I’m so glad I did it. We actually had a lot in common and the conversation flowed really well. No one got annoyed with me. In fact, I was able to express my nervousness about going full fledged to Sunday church because of my issue with remembering people.  They were very sweet and reassuring that no one will care.  In fact the one advised there is a woman at church who has called her by the wrong name forever.  She doesn’t care, in fact she thinks its cute.  We decided to get together every 2 weeks during karate practice.

Thank you Happify for pushing me out of my comfort zone.  Thank you WordPress for holding me accountable to it.

Next Challenge: 5 Minutes of quiet meditation (oh boy)




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