I have so much to share, but I can feel that I may get wordy so I am cutting off each topic at 100 words or less….And I can only address 4 topics… I think I can I think I can

Expanded bible study. Felt compelled to go to nursing home (I adore the elderly) to read or just sit and listen to them talk or give lots of hugs, whatever.  The activities director tells me what they really need is someone to hold bible study for them.  She had been praying for someone and she was going to be taking the scheduled study from prior person off calendar this week because she didn’t think it was going to happen.  I start next week. Wow… just Wow.

Cleansing Lithium has had positive side effects.  My brain is waking up.  I was able to clearly see errors I made on a few things prior, and I have much faster comprehension.  I haven’t  been eating as much so my weight is starting to go down.  I am more manic but hence the restriction on words.

I have learned that guided meditation works so much better than doing it myself.  I started at 2 minutes, now I am up to 5.  I tried 25 but shut it down cause I just couldn’t stay focused that long.

My blog today was going to look a lot different.  I had wanted to blog something not appropriate and I felt COMPELLED to do it last night, but I stopped myself and grounded me from wordpress till now.  Yeay for steps toward self control during a manic phase. When I feel compelled outside of compassion, I have to stop right there.  Add this accomplishment to minimizing instant reaction to anger as well.  my general mind to mouth filter is still broken however. My husband has been sweeter and more affectionate. Reward for good behavior is so helpful.

That was hard.  To count edit recount edit is excruciating.  I feel I didn’t give a full picture, but going with this version in spite…. HA I did it.

Happy Friday 🙂



See The Beauty

I found so many today…. This I will indulge myself…

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Necessary Affirmation


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