Can’t sleep. I have a million worries and all of them are causing my body to constrict. My chest, my back, my stomach, my very hair feels as if it’s shrinking into my head. So I am going to take control of this moment.  Maybe not 20 minutes from now, but this moment to do my challenge and keep me here for just a beat.

My challenge was to list my accomplishments or something of that nature. I can’t recall right now.  Moving along. So I am going to list some now.  Get my focus elsewhere I say.

  1. I finished school a few years after I became a mom, because I never wanted my child to say they didn’t have to because I didn’t.
  2. I took my responsibility and commitment to motherhood very seriously. I never forgot that a part of who they become will be because of who I and their father were or were not.
  3. I have always defended those who can’t defend themselves.
  4. I have always believed the best in people no matter how many have proved me wrong.  I assume everyone is inherently good.  It hurts when those that are deceptive or lack integrity show their truth (and those that are always do eventually), but I’m proud I still hold onto it.
  5. I am still in business after 2 years.  Not always lucrative, sometimes down right nerve wracking.  But, it’s slowly growing a solid foundation of ongoing clients.  Can’t win if I don’t play right?
  6. I am an extremely loyal person.
  7. When my husband was a contractor, I actually worked in the field.  Not very long (maybe 6 months) but until I realized how painful it is to dig ditches in 115 degree weather, I was a tool belt wearing, hammer swinging chick.  Followed by years of keeping it to office, site locator and permit girl lol. I learned I am not in fact able to do anything a man can do. Since then, you couldn’t get me to pick up a trowel or a nail gun if you paid me.
  8. I have really worked hard this past year to expand beyond where I am trapped. I am fighting to prove to myself, that I can really change my own perception of who I am as well as my limitations. I expect the best in everyone else, why not myself?

That’s all I got. Some are traits, but I consider them accomplishments of my human nature. I think I did pretty good overall.


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