HAPPIFY CHALLENGE: take a few minutes to write down your values. At your best, what kind of person are you? What positive traits would you like to work towards developing?

ACCEPTED: My core values are faith, family, integrity, kindness and evolving wisdom.  I would like to work toward joy and peace of mind.  By blogging I am forced to be aware of negativity and set backs, by praying and seeking scripture daily I am developing a more peaceful outlook toward things I can’t control. By seeking out daily positive mind food I am overriding my flow of negative thoughts. By resisting reaction (more often) I am learning that I can take control of myself. By trying to find humor where it feels absent I am changing my perspective. By trying to laugh more at myself I am learning not to take things so personally.



Imagining myself just sliding across these rolling clouds in all directions watching the world below me as it passes underneath




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