Bonus post….So I recently made the decision after 10 years or so… (can’t recall what year I created account) to shut down Facebook.  There are a lot of agenda saturation issues yes, but I just felt that I cared too much about “like” validation.  Too much about editing photos because I want them to be flawless.  Hello, they see me in person. They are aware of my flaws.  Just starting to feel very shallow.

And truth is, in life you have a handful of friends that you are close to.  The others are more like environment acquaintences.  Work, church, school, etc. Then there are family members and blasts from the past.  None whom I really think much about except holidays or playing “remember when”. When my dad died it was nice, because I could post updates without having to call anyone.  It also sucked when the Facebook year later look backs popped up to relive a horrible time once again.

What has been nice about Word Press is that I don’t know anyone.  If people like what I have to say, it is really nice to feel I am posting things that people find of interest.  If no one likes it, then I am repeating formats or thoughts that are getting old to hear, this means I think like someone else, so I’m not an alien after all.  Alternately, If I get no likes, then it means I am different than everyone, which means I am unique and think outside the box.

I first had to shut off any visual of how many likes I get on Word Press because I became so stressed not many “liked” what I had to say  But then I realized.  The chance of someone reading it holds me to a higher standard than if I was writing it in a private journal.  So no matter if people care or don’t, it’s been a great strengthening to let go of the “likes”.

Annnnd it set me free from Facebook.



One thought on “Bye Bye Facebook

  1. Honestly I’m not a fan of Facebook. In my life, it has caused more grief than good. People can pretend to be bold and brave when they are hiding behind a computer screen and do really hurtful things and unfortunately I experienced that too much. I shut down my account years ago. I had to open a new account recently because I have to be in a private group for my writing job. Then I added two pages to the account, one for each of my blogs, and that is my only interaction on there. I never post anything on my wall. I don’t upload photos. I don’t add anyone as a friend. And it has been one of the healthiest decisions I’ve made for myself, parting ways (as much as I can) from Facebook.

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