Happify Challenge: Close your eyes and imagine a future where chronic illness is not part of your life. What are your dreams and goals? Write down what you imagine you will be working on.

Challenge Accepted: I imagine getting up every day with a positive attitude.  Going to my closet and easily making a decision on what to wear.  Having the desire every day to do my hair and makeup. I check my emails, messages and texts with the excitement of what challenge my clients will bring that I can easily tackle.  I will not feel threatened by others reactions.  I will see everyone as a blessing, whether a strengthening or a reinforcement of love. I will have a passion that I pursue with abandon.  I see a calling coming to fruition with faith and perseverance. I see no self protection or hallucinations. I see an ease of life no matter the circumstance because I fear nothing. My body is strong, my mind is calm, my outlook is optimistic and my heart is at peace.

I also imagine that I am helping more than I am hurting. I am reaching out rather than pulling away.  Above all, I am making a difference and leaving behind a legacy of kindness and compassion.




Simply Soothing




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