Crud… I am compulsively honest as I stated last year.  The upside is that I will never lie.  The downside is that I have to go back and correct any possible contradictions to prove that I am honest.

  1. I mentioned in the last post my alcohol level of .24.  I believe in a Word Press post message stream I had indicated to someone it was .22.  To clarify…I was convicted at .20 because my lawyer pleaded for a first time lesser charge at .20 and under.  I remembered it at the time I mentioned it to the other person that it was actually a .22 but I do now recall it was a .24.
  2. I had mentioned in an accomplishment list post that I took my parenting seriously and knew that what I did affected my children.  To clarify…. I did at the time understand that I was a bad example.  I tried my best to keep it away from their life experience. The fact is that they are affected about how they see drinking and I know I and honestly my husband’s openly shaming me around them are the reason for it. I wasn’t always drunk.  I did a lot with them.  We had family vacations and such great times.  I wasn’t drunk every day, nor was there violence from their father every day just enough that we developed unhealthy patterns.

Whew.  I think that was all I can find that I may have sounded contradictory.  OK I can move on now.



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