Nuttin Like The Blues

Having a really depressive day.  I almost didn’t make myself blog because I just want to fall down.  I just want everyone to go away and cover my ears while I crouch in a corner.  But I promised myself that if I gave up meds I have to blog at least 5 days per week.  Today I don’t feel like being positive.

So I opted to sacrifice the income and pay my daughter to finish today’s books.  I’m so glad I spent a year training her for days such as these.  I also purchased a small bag of weed.  I love Jesus and I do not feel I am sinning.  It is created by God and it is medicinal.  I am trying to ween off axeiety meds to utilize alternate medication that has no side effects and bonus….. I sleep so much better.

Anyway, I went to my motivational videos and  I got inspired to share a bit of encouragement to others who need it too.

God Bless…



This just feels like a natural water slide.  I see the water at the end weaving to the right andjust  slides down a gentle grade drop to the bottom of the mountain.  The floor of the slide is smooth from wear and I just glide dow to the bottom where there lies a heated mineral spring pool.  Ahhhhh


WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT (well more like pondering)



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