Really good challenge for me today….

Happify Challenge: Today, work on training your brain toward a positive mindset by following these three steps: 1) Write down three things that bother you, such as “I don’t feel like I’m ever going to get better,” “I feel jealous of others,” or “I’m angry that I can’t do things I used to be able to do.” 2) Acknowledge these emotions. 3) Reframe these emotions by writing down three ways to rise above them when they emerge in your mind.


Challenge Accepted:

 Bother 1: House is too full of people and noise. I am very sensitive these past days to the noise and even slightest tension.  I tend to want to take the brunt of my husband’s frustration at things (for instance the missing cell charger) As I hear him ranting at my daughter and her reaction and after a duration of enduring I snap and come out yelling “I ate it, it was me and I did it just to annoy you!”


Refrain:  I need to just let the noise flow and not take it personally.  Turn on soothing music or turn up the TV in my room.  Just don’t let others battles become mine.

Bother 2: Depression feels heavier and Mania seems more extreme since leaving meds.  I know I need to adjust but it can feel frustrating that it feels so hard.


Refrain: I need to observe the flow of my thoughts and sensations in order to adjust with them effortlessly

Bother 3: I am not able to pay all my bills due to my down/up cycle which leaves me at times less motivated, at times scattered, at times undercharging because I don’t see the big picture of what I am taking on.


Refrain: I am doing the best I can with where I am at right this minute and I just need to create a price list based on my speed so I can give more accurate flat rates.   I also need to do weekly billing for the first 2 months for every new client so they don’t use me for short term work and never pay after a month’s worth of my time  I am learning and I will refine my business to a well oiled machine.  I will set in place more protocols to protect myself.  I also need to stick with the schedules I create no matter where I am emotionally at.  I am building a reputation and I just have to put in twice as much effort as others to achieve it.



Reflection and Good Stories





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