Happify Challenge: We are “primed” to behave in specific ways by the words, aromas, colors, visuals, and people we encounter throughout each day. Identify a “prime” that you associate with a positive, proactive behavior or mindset that will trigger you to make progress on a valued goal, and put it where you’ll see it or use it.
For example, if simply wearing workout clothes makes you feel motivated to work out, set out your favorite workout top and bottom the night before and make them the first thing you put on in the morning. Or if you have a short mantra, like “Keep going,” make “keepgoing” the password on an application you frequently use so the inspiring message is built into your day.
Challenge Accepted:   Since a big part of my day is spent in my office, I think this could make for a great sanctuary.  I want to recreate it to be more welcoming and a place I love to find quiet in rather than just a place to work.  It is one of my biggest origins of stress, why not turn it into a place of peace. I have to give thought to the overall makeup of the room (color, storage, seating, lighting, decor, etc) but a good place to start is in the small things.
1)Smell: Nature scented candle in my office while I am working.  I like the smell of a fire or pine trees, maybe lavender.  Or maybe those oil sticks….
2) I will stream ambient music such as:
3) I will keep a reminder

above my computer

dont give up

And on my phone

Hold myself accountable….My mission is to have before months end a new office on a minimal budget which I will post the results.


An inspiring Oscar Pistorius moment: though he failed to qualify for the 400-meter Olympic final, the South African runner continues to be a role model for not only amputees but many others around the world.



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