Happify Challenge:Pay attention when something makes you feel content or peaceful today. It could be the sound of rain on the roof, a sigh from your pet or your coworkers’ familiar faces in the office kitchen. Practice letting feelings of contentment or peace sink in for at least five to 10 seconds, keeping them alive in your awareness. Take the time to enjoy this experience and think about how it nourishes you and makes a difference in your life. Imagine placing the positive feelings in your heart so you can draw on them in the future

Challenge Accepted: By far my greatest peace in my present life is the attack hug greeting from my Grandson or the bright eyed smile I see in my infant Grandaughter’s face as I pick her up.  There is such a sheer joy within them at those times, that it is contagious.  If I am having a tough day, all it takes to turn it around is that happy, full fledged running at me screaming “Naaaana”!!! from my Grandson or the loud squeal from where my Granddaughter sits wanting me to come pick her up.  I feel more calm just writing about it 🙂





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